Full Version: Control, or the lack thereof...
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I'm brand-new to Vdrift, barely an hour old. First time unemployed, so I have some time on my hands. Anyway I loaded the game and set up my Cyborg Graphite USB joystick. The interface for configuration was intuitive. I get in and start a practice run... the car does not track straight. It's more like it wants to turn and I'm fighting wildly and unsuccessfully to keep it on the track. I played many simulators and none have been this squirrely. I thought some fine-tuning would help but it doesn't. I really, really don't want to use the keyboard, and the Windows properties don't have adjustments for the joystick.

I checked the calibration in the Windows utility, it was dead-on, and started a flight sim and the joystick worked fine.

Any help?
Some of the cars are much tougher to control than others. Turn on Traction Control (TCS) and ABS. Turn up "Speed Effect on Steering" in the control options. Drive with a light foot. :-)