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there are friction coefficients in track.txt but changing them has no effect. the other thing i was trying to do is to simulate rough patches of road but if the bezier surface overlaps those textures none of the coefficients are being used.
For bezier patches a default asphalt surface is used. Comment out line 240 in collision_world.cpp to disable this. Track geometry surfaces are used then.
that's wrong. this assumption really broke the australian countryside track. also, there is no way to simulate rough parts of the track (which happens).
What is the right way?
commenting out line 240 in collision_world.cpp works very well for me. i suggest it should be deleted altogether.

Quote: i suggest it should be deleted altogether.
I actually put it in there because the tracks I've tested haven't had an asphalt surface assigned. If we want get rid of the default asphalt surface we need to fix the tracks.
which tracks have problems? i think all the tracks i committed are set up properly but i'll work on the others as well if they need to be fixed. i've taken out that line in my copy and things seem fine to me. we still need to understand why the bezier surface for ring2007 has holes but that's a different matter.

Try Paul Ricard. The tire squeal sound depends on surface type. If you comment out the default surface another sound is used(gravel I guess). The track road geometry is not marked as asphalt.
wow, that breaks the tracks? the sound? so you make all the tracks the same (ignoring any friction coefficients) so you are not able to simulate rough patches, bumps, etc. and the tracks are not broken? but if they use the wrong sound then they are. i give up.

The surface types have been wrong(means wrong sound). Why should I have assumed that the other values are correct? And I haven't had neither the time nor the motivation to check them for each of the 42 tracks.
surfaces have been introduced recently and i'm not really sure what's happening to that line of work. i would love to convert the tracks to surfaces and then get rid of all the coefficients from list.txt. anyway, that's not the point. the point is the bezier surface should not be assigned a surface type, instead the surface type should be read from the underlying texture (in the absence of that use the coefficients from list.txt). this gives you a lot more flexibility in terms of manipulating the track surface. as for the sound, maybe we should extend surfaces.txt to also include sound effects. please don't make all tracks uniform asphalt...
NaN Wrote:Why should I have assumed that the other values are correct?

ask the people who worked on the tracks?
Quote:ask the people who worked on the tracks?
I joined VDrift like 5 months ago. I have absolutely no idea who worked on the tracks. Is there I mailing list I've missed?
'svn log' in the data directory will give you an idea. ask here. read older postings, etc. you'll be amazed how much you can learn.

NaN, thanks for fixing the surfaces.

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