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Hey. Since there is a small variety of cars and tracks now, and people have probably had time to play around with them, I thought I'd start a discussion on what all everyone likes, and their techniques for driving.I frequently skip around among all of the cars, but here are my thoughts:Mustang GT: This car is really easy to drift. You can power-over in second gear, and in anything higher than that, it's really easy to do feint drifting. It's also pretty hard to make this one lose control, as you can straighten yourself out of some nearly horizontal drifts. However, this thing really feels like a boat to me. It takes so long to stop sliding that I feel like it's hard to get on the gas except in the long straights. It'd probably be good for a maximum-slide competition, but not for fast times (my opinion).Also, I can't seem to perform braking drift in this car. Braking and steering in one direction actually seems to steer the car slightly in the opposite direction. Weird.S2000(-R): These cars seem to be the opposite. I can't for the life of me feint drift in them, but they slide easily under moderate braking. My only problem is that I have trouble controlling them once they start sliding. It's very easy to spin out.Carrera: This car recently became extremely easy to drive (in my opinion). Coming into a corner, throwing on the brakes and giving a jerk sends it sliding, and letting off the brakes and giving it gas tends to stop the slide and put you on your way. I easily get the fastest times in this car (1:40 on Atlanta is my best effort so far).In my opinion, the Porsche is easily the best car so far, but that may be because I'm too much of a schmuck to drive the more difficult cars. What does everyone else think?
Since we re-did the car settings format I've been able to re-import the settings from the Carrera from racer-xtreme, and I got its tire settings right, so that's the main thing that contributed to its improvement. Also I changed the weight balance a little bit - maybe there's too much on the front now. I need to estimate a calculation for the center of gravity and redo the weight points using a spreadsheet like I did for the S2000...but I haven't had time.
Well, I recall driving it a couple weeks ago, and I was unable to drive it without spinning out on every turn. I'd heard that 911s were hard to drive because of the rear-mounted engine, but it seemed ridiculously so to me. SmileIt really is wonderfully easy to drive now, though perhaps it shouldn't be in reality. I almost hate to lose such a car; it's quite fun. What must be done must be done, though.
Well, I think before the back was way too heavy. now it's just a little bit light. Don't worry, it won't drive like crap Smile also it just got a little more power.
thelusiv Wrote:also it just got a little more power.
Ah, I did notice that.Speaking of increased power, would it be possible to make something like a 911 turbo, or turbo cars in general? Something with extra power, but the power is more peaky (due to turbo lag and whatnot)?Or, I suppose in general, does the game mimic realistic-ish power/torque curves, or is it pretty constant over the entire rpm range? It seems like the latter to me.It probably doesn't matter in general, but some cars I'm sure people would enjoy come with turbos naturally (Evo, STi, badass RX-7s, ...), so it might be interesting to mimic them, if possible. (Perhaps this should go in another thread...)
Recently I've added support for torque curves (code by Sam Varner), but it's not very well tested, and all of the cars are currently using the old (sort of flat) system. Turbo lag is unfortunately not exactly simulated yet, although you could probably adjust the torque curves to emulate it.Also, the most recent mustang has a brake bias that's 75% front, so it kills your ability to turn the car when you step on the brakes. This is how the LFS "GT" was configured, but it's definitely not optimal for drifting, and even for grip I don't think I really like it. I'll play with it and put it near 50%, and you should be able to trail brake into a slide again. And yeah, it's a boat. But that's how it is in real life, too, sooo... someone make an AE86 model. :-)
Okay, the mustang in SVN is updated to have a 50% brake balance. It drives much better now. Also, note that the tires on it are exact copies of Alpine all-season tires from the 80s, so while they're super-accurate to a real-life tire, the real life tire isn't very sporty.
Now that the 911 has better tires it's made driving that car a lot more fun. I'm going to try them on the S2000 to see if I can it to drive better...the Mustang needs better tires as well. We lack data for these tires...edit: the CS's tires are now on the XS and handling is vastly improved. I think now it just needs a few tweaks to make them feel less like the CS.
Speaking of the AE86, I wouldn't mind fooling around trying to add a new car, but I really don't know the first thing about blender, and I'm not much of an artist. However, I could probably at least take some already made models (a couple sites seem to have been linked elsewhere on the forums) and convert them to an appropriate format, given the proper training.Is there a particular blender tutorial either of you would recommend that would put me close to being able to do that sort of thing?
Well the first place to start is the FAQ entry on creating cars, but I guess you've already read that...I will try to dig up some of the tutorials I used when I started working on the XS. Make sure you're into this before you start: the learning curve is somewhat steep and creating a car (from scratch) takes a substantial amount of time. If you're lucky enough to find a model already done it will be easier, but as I understand it, models for the AE86 are hard to come by. If you can't find one you must start from a blueprint...
I've set up torque curves in the definition files for all the cars in the game now except the XSR (it being entirely fictional I will have to come up with something a little different for that one)...
Cool... I think it'd be neat to graph the torque curves in-game, either in the car select or car configuration screens.