Full Version: Little Tool for Torque-curve
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A little tool helps to find a well defined Torque-Curve:


Set Prerequisites:
1. Start RPM: 500 rpm, 1000 rpm, 2000 rpm
2. RPM Steps: 250 rpm, 500 rpm, 1000 rpm
3. Highest RPM: 5000 rpm, 10000 rpm, 20000 rpm
4. Max. Power: 250 hp, 500 hp, 1000 hp, 2000 hp
Click on "Show Torque-Curve!"


1. Set the Power-Slider (red) to define the Torque-Curve (blue)!
2. Click inside the Textfield below to compute Data!
3. Copy the result into your ".car"-File!

Reload to go back to 1. Page.
Thanks for this guys !