Full Version: True Type Font Support
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does anyone think true type font support would be a good thing to add to vdrift?

recently, through modifying the nehe freetype tutorial, i got a little font demo application done that loads the first 0-255 characters into a single texture and stores uv coordinates and position data for each. so if this would be desired i've got allot of the code written to do it.
If you're interested in digging into VDrift fonts:

The font rendering in VDrift is pretty nifty, it uses a distance field (if you have shaders enabled) which, using only a small bitmap, provides exceptionally high quality (with antialiasing) even when the lettering is huge... and hardly uses any resources. It's an application of this:
to fonts.

The font generator I use to create the distance fields is this one:
from this thread:

You can fiddle with adding/changing fonts; the program outputs .png and .txt files and those can be copied over the ones in VDrift/data/skins/simple/fonts if you want to see them in-game.
hmm, cool!

i'm not actually that interested in fonts. just did a bunch of work with them recently in order to get a quick ttf bolt-on for any opengl apps i try to build in the future.

it looks like vdrift has a different system that offers some benefits over vanilla ttf.
Yeah, so it does use TTF fonts sort of, but they have to be processed by a separate program first.