Full Version: More predefined views
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joevenzon Wrote:... I like the helmet cam view. :-)
A proposal for additional views:
[ driver ]
position = 0, 0.25, -0.30
mass = 80.0
view-position = 0, 0.19, 0.05          # default view
hood-mounted-view-position = -0.25, -0.60, 0.30 # alternative view

# additional views
[ view ]
view-name-1 = left-side                 # observe wheel and chassis moves
view-position-1 =  -1.3, -2.30, -0.50   # X(+left), Y(+front), Z(+up)
view-angle-1 = 0.0, -5,  wide           # +left/-right, +up/-down, field of view: normal/wide/extra-wide
view-name-2 = frontwing

Controls: Driver View, Hood View, last Addional View, next Addional View, previous Addional View,
Implemented in 2612. Please feel free to test it excessively. Smile

Following parameters are supported(
[ view ]                        # additional views
name-1 = wheel-front-right        # observe wheel and chassis moves
position-1 = 3.0, 1.0, 0.75        # X(+right), Y(+front), Z(+up)
angle-1 = 20.0, 90.0        # +down/-up, +left/-right
Is there a way to select the other cameras yet?

We have view_prev_camera and view_next_camera in the game controls configuration GUI, we could maybe add code support and hook them up.
The code is there. I renamed view_prev_camera and view_next_camera to view_prew, view_next in the game controls configuration GUI(it was late at night so don't ask me why 8) ).
Oops, I missed that. Nice work!
Also please add a little bob to the close to rear camera like that of the default one. The fixed camera could cause motion sickness to some people.