Full Version: Sound Volume options in SVN
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I just finished adding sound volume and mute options to the menu in VDrift. The sound volume setting works however, it can be set in 10% increments.The mute option totally disables sound just like the -nosound command line switch. Maybe this is a bad way to do it, because currently it doesn't work. I thought this would be best however as it would completely disable the sound system rather than just set the volume to 0%.
Disabling the sound system in-game is a *bad idea*. All of the sound functions instantly exit if sound is disabled, including the functions that do things like free the memory of loaded sound files. Just set the volume to 0% -- that's the definition of a mute function. :-)
Alright, alright, I'll change it I guess... :mrgreen: Actually I'm just going to remove the mute function for now and make a 0% volume option. Late I'd like to add a mute function that, when turned off, reverts to the previous volume.