Full Version: show ai speed/gear
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is there a possibility to show not only the human drivers speed etc., but also the ai drivers actual speed and gear in the players window.

So I understand properly... are you asking how to modify the VDrift code to make the AI driver info show on the HUD instead of the players?
Not to show it instead, to show it additionally (if that's possible).
I'm trying to set the AI drivers control with mathemtically optimized control data (see http// ) and I want to check if my input data arrives correctly.
Changing the HUD to display the AI data instead is pretty easy, you just need to move the hud.Update call in game.cpp out of the "if (carcontrols_local.first == &car)" block and put it in an "else" block for that if statement. Outputting AI data in addition to the player data would require more significant changes to hud.h and hud.cpp as well as how game.cpp calls hud.Update.
Thanks, changing the HUD display worked.