Full Version: Mouse Driving
You're currently viewing a stripped down version of our content. View the full version with proper formatting. in the latest SVN. if you've tried it out, post your thoughts. Here's mine:it takes a little getting used to. I think it might be easier if the gas/brake input didn't "stick" in the middle. This sometimes makes me brake too late.
Really? I find it super difficult if it doesn't stick, because then you're always either braking or accelerating slightly. Try playing with MOUSEDEADZONE in mouse.h (line 13):#define MOUSEDEADZONE 0.30.3 means 30% stick in the middle. Adjust it and let me know what value seems to make the most sense.
Sorry about my stupid question, but... how can I do to enable mouse control? I use the official trunk of SVNGianni
FOUND IT!!! I must press the middle mouse button.Sorry again!Many thanks joevenzon for this feature!!! Gianni
Yeah, sorry it's not obvious yet. Let me know if you think we need to change the deadzone or sensitivity.
The acceleration it's ok, but the steering it's slow, I must move the mouse about 70 cm to steer from left to right.Which file I must modify for change the values?Gianni
It's in src/mouse.cpp, the bold line below
src/mouse.cpp Wrote:MOUSE::MOUSE(){ mousezoom = 0.5; mousesteering = false; mouse_sensitivity = 1.0; steer_x = 0; steer_y = 0; mousebounce = false; ClearBounce();}
I haven't tried playing with this yet. I'd like to see all these things (mouse zoom, mouse steering on/off, sensitivity, deadzone, etc.) in the Options menu under Controls...maybe I'll do that this evening.
OK, there's now a Mouse Options menu where you can turn the mouse on/off, set the Steering sensitivity, and the brake/gas sensitivity and deadzone. These options are all saved in the config file of course.
Thanks very much thelusiv! Now it's more user friendly.P.S.: this is not a priority request, but how hard does it take to make an option for setting day time?Can you insert into TODO file?Thanks again thelusiv for mouse options?Gianni