Full Version: Development priorities [poll]
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What should I focus my time on next? I've got a lot of items in the issues list. I tried to lump them into categories and put them as options in the poll.
Quote:adding AI car collisio

That's the really "must have" atleast for me
i'd like to see multiplayer most, network and splitscreen if this is possible. u don't see that much split screen racing games anymore lately, tho it's always fun to have a beer or two and drive some rounds with a friend and two gamepads.

I'd also appreciate car collisions, but i've chosen multiplayer tho Smile

thanks for your work!
one new feature that i would really like implemented is the ability to have more than 4 points define a track segment as we've discussed in the past. i really think this will improve the realism feel especially for the new tracks i've been converting (ring2007 is such an example).

I think that adding network gaming features is a good way to increase the comunity of Vdrfit players.

Regarding the "carrer mode", I think that a very good carrer mode requiers more "senarios (story)" skills than technical ones. It requiere lot of works in therm of needs definition to have a very good carrer mode. Because, if it is too easy, it 's borring, if it is to hard, people doesn't play with it.

Regarding the collision, the greatest driving game : Gran Tourismo doesn't have this feature ( perhaps I am wrong for the lastest version on PS3), never the less it became the leader on the market.

Even if you doesn't do anything, you have already done a great game. You can be pround of it.