Full Version: 2009-02-15 bug (mac) in assign some camera controls
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[Image: 8_2009-02-15_ui-bug.jpg]
I can't assign the view controls for: Previous and next camera an Focus next and previous.
The dialog is normal, but there is no symbol after assigning and the Buttom - keyboard, mouse, gamepad - doesn´t word!

iMac 24 Dual core 2.8 OS X 10.5.6
2009-02-15 Release
This is present in all versions (not just Mac), these controls have not yet been re-implemented since the refactor.
OK! Not a bug, a coming feature! :-)
Previous Camera and Next Camera work fine but Focus Previous and Focus Next don't. A key can be assigned, but nothing happens. And it's a pity because you cannot see how the AI drives a new track you don't know yet.
Yeah. It has never been (re)implemented.
I've added camera focus support to master. Feel free to give it a try.
I've pulled the changes and assigned keys but still nothing happens. Does it work for you?
I only did a quick test with 4 cars on laguna seca binding focus to f9/f10, worked just fine.

One thing that would probably be nice to add is binding hud to currently focused car.
I went to Laguna Seca, put four cars in and changed to F9/F10, just in case, and of course nothing happened.

I'm not very familiar with git pull. It said that there were seven objets, but then only two files were changed:
src/game.cpp | 25 +++++++++++++++++--------
src/game.h | 1 +

Am I missing anything?
That should be it. You can run git log and compare with

Make sure that you are running your freshly built version.
The comparison went well.

What do you mean by freshly built version? Do I have to compile again or something?

Sorry for asking these silly questions, I'm still learning...
Yes, it is a source code change so you have to compile after pulling.
Now of course it worked. Many thanks once again for your help and patience!

The heads-up display should indeed change focus accordingly with the camera. For what I want it, it would be much useful to see the inputs (throttle and brake) given by the AI.

As an alternative, the possibility of launching a race with just an AI car (and no player) would do. That used to be possible in Torcs.
Both things shouldn't be too hard to implement, mostly changing a few lines of code here and there.
HUD support implemented.

It is quite interesting to watch the ai cars drive (and mess up). I think I'll add player ai driver support too.
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