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A petition for a 'ghost' car
10-21-2016, 01:06 AM,
A petition for a 'ghost' car
I never found the time to learn Blender. That's why I am asking here for something that must be extremely easy to do by anyone who knows.

What I need is a body.joe file (plus, I assume, the corresponding .png texture) that contains... well, nothing. The bare minimun of a mesh: just one point in space, or just the smallest triangle, I don't know.

The final result should be a "transparent" body, with only the wheels visible in each corner, which I will use for the cars I try to develop (right now, I am working on the simulation of a Hyundai Ioniq with 13' wheels to compensate for a very long 6th gear).

Up till now, my workaround for this has always been to "bodysnatch" any other car and use a forward hood view so that I can forget that I am driving something that looks completely different to what I'd like. But now I thought that I could use the replay function to check how close to the apex I get in some corners, and such a "bare wheels" view would be great for that.

Many thanks in advance to the kind soul that will spare a few minutes to make an old man happy.

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